Tutoring Students for Graduation Projects

During my PhD and Post-Doc at the University of Padova I tutored of the following students during their internship and graduation exam:

Master degree projects of 6-10 months

Filippo Franchini (2009): Investigation of the peroxidase activities in the thylakoid lumen

Bachelor projects of 2-3 months

Matteo Fuligni (2013): survey of the literature concerning the metagenomic analyses of the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Virginia Busetto and Roberta Codato (2012 ): production of a Perl script to design primer oligonucleotides to join the contigs of a scaffold assembly, PCR amplification of the selected regions, sequencing and data analysis

Ilaria Stellin (2011): PCR amplification of critical regions of a genome assembly and improvement of the assembly using the obtained data

Tea Kecman (2011): Finishing of the genome of the Chloroplast of N. gaditana

Giulio Russo and Annagiulia Bonizzato (2011) – co-tutor assisting them during the wet lab experiments and for the writing of their final report

Sara Gasparetto (2010): set up and comparison of various methods to enrich the fraction of mRNA in a sample of bacterial and eukaryotic RNA

Alessandro Favretto (2008): 2D electrophoretic analysis of chloroplast and thylakoid extracts from A. thaliana for the localization of a protein with peroxidase activity

Armando Giorio (2008): PCR screening of mutants of A. thaliana for the selection of homozygous lines

Stefania Viola (2007): Cloning and mutagenesis of the protein Phi1-like for expression in bacterial system