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Scientific American videos on amara interface

I am currently contributing to the three Scientific American’s projects “Instant Egghead“, “The Countdown” and “Ask the Expert“, by providing multilingual subtitles to short videos cornering the most popular scientific topics.

The projects are hosted by the platform and many volunteers around the world cooperate to add subtitles to all the videos in as more languages as they can. I added English and Italian subtitles to various videos and French subtitles to a few videos and I helped advertising them through the social media.


Wikipedia page of Nannochloropsis


I collaborate to the Wikipedia free internet Enciclopedia project by adding and editing articles about renewable energies and in particular biofuel and microalgae(wikipedia profile). I also make my graphics and pictures of Nannochloropsis available through the Wikimedia Commons repository (wikimedia profile). I usually publish my articles both in English and in Italian and I also contribute to the translation of already published articles about various scientific topics into Italian.

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Nannochloropsis genome portal

Nannochloropsis is a model organism for studying biofuel production from photsynthetic organisms.

Nannochloropsis genome portal icon

Nannochloropsis genome portal is a web resource that allows access to much of the genomic information of Nannochloropsis.

The web resource is centred on the genome of Nannochloropsis gaditana B-31 and it is organised in various sections that allow to download and interrogate the data using web-based information retrieval software.

I worked at the web resource together with my friends and colleagues Andrea Telatin, Nicola Vitulo and Claudio Forcato at the Bioinformatics Laboratory of CRIBI University of Padua.

Nannochloropsis blog

The portal also includes a blog  where some of the latest scientific discoveries about Nannochloropsis are reported and discussed
I am the main author of the blog and I’d like scientist involved in this field of research to use this space to share their findings, their hypothesis, wonders and technical difficulties.